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הרשמו היום לשנת הלימודים 2023-24

Our Mission

Staten Island Hebrew Public is an exceptional, diverse public charter school that teaches Modern Hebrew to children of all backgrounds and prepares them to be successful global citizens.

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Staten Island Hebrew Public At a Glance

Staten Island Hebrew Public will be a free, public charter school open to all age-and grade-eligible students residing in New York City, with preference given to residents of Staten Island. The school will be located on Staten Island’s Midland Beach. We aim to:


Serving students in K through 1st grade

K – 5

Grades will be served in time


Students currently

Hebrew Public Model

Hebrew Public’s unique model focuses on:
  • Rigorous instruction in English Language Arts (ELA), math, science, social studies, Modern Hebrew language, music, art, dance, physical fitness, and chess.
  • Immersive Modern Hebrew instruction, bringing Israel to life in the classroom.
  • Individualized math and English language arts learning paths for each student.
  • Advanced STEM curriculum, including technology integrated into the curriculum.
  • Supportive services are available for English Language Learners and special education students.
  • A curriculum designed to develop students’ attributes of global citizenship: empathy, cross cultural understanding, and inclusivity.
  • Extended school day and year.
  • After school options and yellow bus transportation available.

Hebrew Studies

At the heart of our school’s mission is our innovative language program that supports students to become proficient in Modern Hebrew. All formal and informal communication between students and Hebrew instructors will be exclusively in Hebrew.

We use the Proficiency-based Approach, considered the gold standard in foreign language learning, to teach the Hebrew language. The Hebrew Program assists students to develop at different rates in all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.  We recognize that language acquisition happens in a nonlinear way. Students can often listen to and recognize Hebrew words long before they are able to use them in their own writing or speaking.

Today, public schools across the country offer dual language programs in a wide range of languages, including Chinese, Spanish, Greek, and Arabic. These programs, which have grown largely in response to demands from local communities, are a proven way of getting students more engaged in their studies, building literacy, raising academic achievement, and preparing children to live and thrive in a global, interdependent environment. The incorporation of an intensive focus on a foreign language in a school’s curriculum supports positive evidence-based learning and developmental outcomes in students.

Hebrew teacher Elana Weinberg explains Hebrew Public’s approach to teaching children a second language.

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